Crisis Intervention Teams of

Rhode Island

CIT- “More than a training”

Crisis Intervention Teams of Rhode Island (CIT-RI) is a community based approach to improve the outcomes of behavioral health crisis encounters with law enforcement. CIT brings together law enforcement, advocacy, and behavioral health professionals to develop a solution focused community model response to helping people in crisis.

“This training is an absolute must for every first responder/officer/member of society to take. I changed my perspective.”-Officer from Jan ‘23 Academy

CIT-RI offers a 40-hour training program to police officers and other crisis responders that focuses on recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental illness and verbal de-escalation techniques. The academy is taught by subject matter experts including behavioral health clinicians, police officers, parents, social workers, and people with relevant lived experience. At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

Understand the common signs and symptoms of mental illness

Utilize available resources and diversion strategies to provide assistant

Safely de-escalate individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis

Wellness support for first responders

CIT-RI incorporates officer wellness and safety into each program. Connecting first responders with PTSD support, CISM, and peer support teams are a critical component of every CIT program.

Resources that work for your community.

Meet and connect with our regional CIT coordinators to find out how to develop a CIT program within you community.

CIT is not a panacea, but is a necessary start for our future – promoting excellent services with hope and dignity. CIT is the calling by which to embrace and capture a new “heart” – yes, CIT is “MORE” than just training.

-Maj. Sam Cochran, retired, Co-Chairman CIT International Board of Directors

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